Recycling Education

Caglia Environmental believes recycling is important to preserving and protecting the environment. While our business is to rent dumpsters and roll off containers to customers and provide curbside trash and recycling services, a primary objective of Caglia Environmental is to educate our customers about recycling.

Recycling education helps increase recycling percentages by changing behavior, thereby redirecting as many materials away from landfills as possible. Additionally, Caglia Environmental provides free, onsite recycling diversion training to commercial customers.


What is Recyclable?


Solid Waste and Recycling News

The Ocean Clean-Up Project

How Can We Keep Plastics out of Our Ocean


Life of a Plastic Bottle


How are aluminum cans recycled?



How Recycling Works



Crafts Projects from Recycled Materials


Recycling at Home


Recycling at Work and School


How Glass is Recycled


Rethinking Paper Recycling


Universal Waste Fact Sheet


Anaerobic Digestion in California


Tour a Materials Recovery Facility


How Recycling Works: Behind the Scenes at the MRF


Top 10 Countries That Recycle The Most


Tossed Out/Food Waste in America


Top 10 Tips to Cut Your Trash
Down to Size


10 Consejos Faciles Para
Reducir Su Basura







Recycling for kids and educators

Case of the Broken Loop


​en español

Do the "Write" Thing


Follow That Trail!


en español

Lifecycle of a CD or DVD


Make a Difference



Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the First Place


The RecyCool Planet



Adventures of Garbage Gremlin



Recycle Rex Coloring Book



Teach English, Teach about the Environment




Please hover over and click on these links for more recycling information:

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste and Universal Waste   
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal in Fresno County     
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal in Madera County

Recycling for Business

AB 341 and Mandatory Commercial Recycling 
AB 1826 and Organics Recycling

California Building Standards

EPA: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Sustainability for Hospitals 
Sustainability in the Workplace 
Waste Reduction Model (WARM) Resources for Small Businesses and Organizations  

Recycling at Home
Eco-Friendly Building Materials  
Recycling for the Home       
Recycle Clothes and Furniture
Reduce Waste and Save Money at Home
Habitat for Humanity/Fresno and Madera Counties
Recycle Books - Fresno
Recycle Books – Madera
Recycle Eyeglasses – Fresno
Recycle Eyeglasses – Madera       

Recycling for Kids, Educators and Colleges

Recycle City
Save On Energy: Kids Recycling Guide
A Complete Guide to Composting for Kids
Backyard Composting
Education and the Environment Initiative
K-12 Recycling Competition
National Geographic Kids Recycle Round-Up
RecycleMania for Colleges    

Recycle Rally for Schools

Recycling Science for Kids   
Kids Recycle

Kids Air Now

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/Kids Games

Recycle Rex RecyCool Club

Recycle Rex Activities

Roscoe’s Recycle Room

Think Earth