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Industrial Waste & Salvage
Cedar Avenue Recycling & Transfer Station
RedRock Environmental
Caglia Demolition & Recycling
Recycling Education in the Valley
Learn about recycling! Stop by and say “hello” to our recycling educational team as we participate in community events in Fresno and Madera Counties.
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Industrial Waste and Salvage
Let IWS help your business or governmental entity meet its Mandatory Commercial Recycling law requirements. We have systems in place to help you meet your recycling goals. Call (559) 233-1158.
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Redrock Environmental Group
Is your business or governmental entity located in Madera County below 1000 feet elevation? Call Redrock Environmental Group and ask how we can help you meet the requirements of Mandatory Commercial Recycling.
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Caglia Demolition and Recycling
CDR is Your Demolition and Construction Recycling Expert. Save money! Use recycled materials and try our Portable Rock Crusher at your building site.
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CARTS Cedar Avenue Recycling & Transfer Station
Fresno County Ordinances prohibit the dumping of loads composed of more than 20% construction and demolition material at the American Avenue landfill. Our CARTS facility has a full processing line to recycle construction and demolition debris, providing you with the diversion reports needed to comply with Cal Green building standards, and all local recycling ordinances.
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What are AB 341 and AB 1826?

Ask us how we can help you comply with these laws enacted by the State of California:

AB 341 – Mandatory Commercial Recycling
AB 1826 – Mandatory Commercial Organics Collection


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For any holiday or weather-related changes in schedules, check the Calendar for the Caglia Environmental Company servicing your area.
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